Below is a list of those who have contributed events to the archive.

Charlotte Alston


Charlotte Alston is senior lecturer in History at Northumbria University. She works on 19th and 20th century international, Russian and East European history. Her latest book is Tolstoy and His Disciples: the history of a radical international movement (London, 2013), and she is the author of books and articles on the post-first world war peace settlements, the Russian revolution and civil war, and Tolstoy's influence abroad.

Laura Obrien


Laura O’Brien is Lecturer in Modern European History at Northumbria University. She is a historian of nineteenth and twentieth-century France and Europe, with a particular interest in visual culture, revolution, memory and commemoration, and the cultural history of French Catholicism.

Joe Hardwick


Joe Hardwick is senior lecturer in British history at Northumbria University and specialises in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British imperial and political history. He is the author of An Anglican British World: The Church of England and the expansion of the settler empire, c. 1790-1860 (Manchester, 2014) and teaches courses that explore the idea of reform in early nineteenth century Britain.