Below is a list of those who have contributed events to the archive.

André Keil

André Keil is a Lecturer in European History at Durham University. His research interests cover the broad fields of political culture in Europe, the history of social movements and historical peace and conflict studies, with a special focus on Bitain and Germany. Having studied at the Free University of Berlin, he moved to Newcastle to pursue his doctoral research at Northumbria University, producing a thesis on emergency government and 'enemies within' during the First World War.

Andrew Scott

Matthew Scott is a PhD student in the Geography department at Newcastle University. He has been researching the history of the peace movement in nineteenth century Newcastle and Tyneside.

Andy Burn

Dr Andy Burn is a postdoctoral researcher in Durham University's Department of History. He researches the social and economic history of early modern Britain, and particularly the sixteenth and seventeenth-century coal boom in Newcastle and North-East England.

Avram Taylor

Avram Taylor is senior lecturer in history at Northumbria University. He specialises in twentieth-century British social history, and his main areas of interest are the history of credit, debt and poverty and the history of Jews in Britain. He is the author of Working Class Credit and Community since 1918 (Basingstoke, 2002) and teaches courses in nineteenth- and twentieth-century European history.

Brian Ward

Brian Ward is Professor in American Studies at Northumbria University. His teaching and research focus on the modern US South and the African American experience, with a particular emphasis on music, media, and transatlantic cultural connections. He has published seven books, including Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and Blues, Black Consciousness and Race Relations (California, 1998).

Charlotte Alston

Charlotte Alston is senior lecturer in History at Northumbria University. She works on 19th and 20th century international, Russian and East European history. Her latest book is Tolstoy and His Disciples: the history of a radical international movement (London, 2013), and she is the author of books and articles on the post-first world war peace settlements, the Russian revolution and civil war, and Tolstoy's influence abroad.

Daniel Laqua

Daniel Laqua is Senior Lecturer in Eurpoean History at Northumbria University. He works on transnational movements (including pacifism, humanitarianism and socialism) and international organisations (in particular the League of Nations). Daniel is currently preparing a book on 'campaigns beyond borders' for Palgrave Macmillan.