Suffragette demonstrations, October 1909

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9 October 1909


In October 1909, Chancellor David Lloyd George visited Palace Theatre in Haymarket, Newcastle, presumably in support of his "People's Budget". This introduced a number of new taxes on goods such as tobacco as well as land and income in order to provide a measure of support for the new social welfare programs (as well as military spending). Local suffragettes (or suffragists) attended the public gathering in the hopes of making an appeal to him to include votes for women in his reforms.

Although the suffragettes do not seem to have been successful in their goal of speaking to Mr. Lloyd George, there were a number of protest incidents connected to his visit, as reported in the Journal and Chronicle newspapers. While his car was moving through the Haymarket, Lady Constance Lytton threw a stone at it, to which the following message was attached: "To Lloyd-George, Rebellion Against Tyranny is Obedience to God. Deeds, not Words". At the barrier which had been erected in Percy Street, Jane Brailsford was observed to produce an axe (apparently concealed with a bunch of flowers) and begin hacking at the barrier.

Suffragettes were also responsible for breaking windows at the Liberal Club, the Palace Theatre (Winifred Jones), and the General Post Office opposite the Cathedral (Dorothy Pethick and Kitty Marion)), Pink Lane (Kathleen Brown), and the Post Office at Barrass Bridge (Miss Pitman). (You can read more about these events in other entries on the website).Among the women involved in the protest events was Emily Davison, the well-known suffrage activist who was killed at the Epsom Derby in 1913. Standing outside the Newcastle Brewery Offices, she was arrested by a plain-clothes policeman when she took a stone out of her pocket. 

[The address given here is for the current Barras Bridge Post Office. If anyone has details on the site of the Post Office in 1909, please do get in touch].

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Barras Bridge Post Office 4-5
St. Marys Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear