Battle of Friars Goose, 1832

Event date(s)

1 May 1832


In May 1832 a major disturbance took place at Friars Goose. As mine workers refused to work underground, forty-two lead miners from Cumberland were brought in. Local miners pelted the incomers with stones and rubbish and two men were seriously injured. The miners refused to both work and leave their cottages. Special constables were sworn in to deal with the emergency. Several families were evicted from their homes. This enraged the miners and support came from pitmen in Heworth and Windy Nook. Eventually the constables fled.

The Gateshead clergyman John Collinson was unable to deal with the affray and appealed to the mayor of Newcastle for support. Reinforcements arrived and confronted the striking mineworkers. In the conflict which followed guns were fired and give mineworkers and two policemen were injured. The town marshal from Newcastle sent for more reinforcements and also called out the military.

Location/map point


Friars Goose
Riverside Park, Green Lane
NE10 0QH